Life as a vegetarian is usually fraught with unwanted surprises. The most fastidious leaf eaters could possibly be shocked to uncover that a few of their favorite foods aren’t actually unencumbered with meat. Stay with me to discover foods that seem like they should be vegetarian – but aren’t.

1. Yogurt

Yogurt appears like it has to be commonplace in a vegetarian’s diet. Proper, tasty dessert substitute stuffed with nutritional supplements. But may the graceful texture that makes yogurt so appealing is the outcome of gelatin. This unwanted additive is manufactured due to animal tissue, and it’s often seen in items like marshmallows and JELLO. When buying chewy candies, yogurts or similar products, check the label to ensure it is actually gelatin free.

2. Alcohol

Meat products can also sneak within your favorite beverages. Perhaps you have checked a glass of beer or wine and seen that it appears cloudy? Some makers of drinking alcohol a filtration manner in which includes isinglass, something made out of fish bladders. This most regularly takes place in Britain, so most American made beers and vino is safe to drink.

3. Orange Juice

If you’ve ever purchased orange juice which is labeled “heart healthy,” its possible you have accidentally ingested omega3. In making this juice heart friendly, manufacturers add omega-3s, that can be made from fish gelatin and oil. To ensure that you aren’t getting any meat products together with your morning beverage, try to avoid anything labeled “heart healthy” or look into the label for almost any indication of fishiness.

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