By checking your whole body, as well as your menstrual blood, you’ll have better grasp on the way your entire body works and approaches to ensure that is stays healthy. Actually, it is one of the highly effective to determine which is being conducted with your body, both bad and the good.

What Color is the best Blood?

Brown/Dark Red Blood
Blood that’s brown or perhaps very crimson is only old blood. Many times your cycle will become with this type of blood, plus it can even look black. Periods start slowly, so that it may take some time for the blood to really exit, therefore, the color. Very dark, even brown blood is absolutely nothing to worry about and is completely natural.

Dark Red/Pink Blood
When your cycle moves towards the middle and end, you will observe the blood plunge to a lighter red, or simply pink color. Again, this is certainly normal and it is very common. This can be blood that is fresher that what previously appeared while having cycle.

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Grey Blood
Blood that appears almost grey or milky coloured should really be taken considerably more serious. In case you have this color of blood while having cycle, it would mean that you have an infection. Two of the most typical infections which can cause this blood color are candida albicans and attacks.

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