Whether you will be encountering heartburn, working with losing weight, or osteoporosis when you watch the pharmaceutical ads in the news, it appears to be you can find more than likely a marvelous pill to care for your condition. Hold on! Now comes the mandated set of side-effects; nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, heart palpations, liver problems, and possible death. You feel to yourself you would rather just take care of your twenty excess weight or aching hip than experience many of the side-effects on the treatment.

Over 100,000 people die every year from pharmaceuticals alone, which is over die from illegal substance abuse. That doesn’t take into consideration all the damage were doing with the counter medications.

Fortunately, nature offers treatments and even cures for numerous your common ailments. Two superfoods that individually have healing problems and tend to be made much more powerful from the synergy of combining choices sesame seeds and raw honey.

Properties of sesame seeds:

The unassuming little sesame seed, it is not just for hamburger buns anymore. Sesame seeds were set up in ancient Egypt millenia ago with regards to medicinal properties. Today nutritionist and scientists have rediscovered the value of this little seed. Have a look at what is important to discover in each 100 grams that will make this little seed this kind of terrific with regard to your diet program:

? Protein- 22.2 grams- produces antibodies and digestive enzymes
? 21.9grams mono-saturated fat- 62mg calcium- protects bones and teeth
? 340mg magnesium- aids in muscles, nerves, and anxiety
? 24.4 grams Omega 6- produces linoleic acid, assisting with growth and reproduction

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